Welcome to The Gambier House.  We’re still here, disinfected and eager to have visitors explore the natural beauty of the Kokosing Valley and enjoy some darn fine breakfasts! 

The fireplace has been christened for the new year and we did have a fabulous white Christmas, followed so far this month with many inches of snow.  If you’re one of the few folks without snow, we’ve got it or if you want a change of snowy surroundings, we’ve got that too!  Despite our variable weather, it is still possible to enjoy the attractions of the area: you can walk/cycle/run the Kokosing Gap Trail, enjoy the Kokosing River, visit the Kokosing Nature Preserve and explore Amish Country (we’re just a pretty drive away). 

Tinker, the English Setter and Breakfast Supervisor, is eager to greet guests.  There are rooms available for thoughtful visits during the semester.   College visits are a bit tricky right now but not impossible.

We do ask guests to follow state mandated virus etiquette: keep that personal space at 6 feet, make use of the available hand sanitizers and wear masks in the public rooms to help insure the safety of other guests and our wonderful staff.  We are disinfecting after every stay but be aware that rooms may turn over with less than 24 hours between guests.

At 29 years, we are Gambier’s longest continuously operating bed and breakfast.  Visit our Facebook page: gambierhousebandb.  The porch rockers await.  We hope to see you soon!

E.J. Heer, Innkeeper