Welcome to The Gambier House website.  This year we are celebrating 25 years in operation: Gambier’s longest continuously operating bed and breakfast. 

Well, the hazy, crazy days of summer are upon us.  Heat, humidity and thunderstorms are the forecast these days.  Hard to believe but the school year is soon upon us.  In the meantime, if you can dodge the heavy rains, flooding and tornadoes!!, there are exhibits in the Gund Gallery and BFEC at Kenyon, nature abloomin’ everywhere.

The Knox County Fair is this week; Dan Emmett Days in Mt. Vernon on the first weekend of August;  and Pelotonia is on the 5th (there’s still one room available).

 As always, there are many interesting hikes in the area (and the Kokosing Gap Trail), a scenic river (The Kokosing) to enjoy and lots of flora and fauna to catch the eye.  Amish country is just up the road and we can point you toward bald eagle and heron nests and, of course, the white-tailed deer wandering through the Village.

The College’s construction boom in downtown Gambier continues, which means, some traffic challenges and fewer dining options for the summer but business is still booming at the Kenyon Inn and Village Inn.

We’re spruced up and ready for business.  The (freshly painted) porch rockers are a wonderful way to watch the world pass our front door.  We hope you’ll join us.

E.J. Heer, Innkeeper